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Shari De Baets (UGent) is interested in decision making. With a background in psychology and applied economics, she applies what she knows on the topic in the field of forecasting. She looks at how people make forecasts, or adjust those given to them by forecasting software, and how circumstances can be optimized to obtain the best decisions possible. (Video in English, subtitled in Dutch).

Click on this link and see my video explaining my research in judgmental forecasting of sales series with promotions, which was the topic of my PhD.

Thank you for the fantastic video and editing, “Science Figured Out” (see their website here).  And of course many thanks to Vlerick for offering the opportunity to join their video session, UGent for supporting my research and FWO for their financial support.

The uGent personell magazine was launched in the Spring of 2020. I was very fortunate to be one of the researchers that was interviewed for this fantastic new magazine.


The article can be found on my LinkedIn, in this post. The article is only available in Dutch.


I talk about my motivation to become a researcher, my previous and current work experience, and my research topic.

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solventure webinar

Webinar: “Choosing the right forecast model: leading indicator forecasting and change management”. This webinar was hosted by Solventure, a company of supply chain specialists. Visit their website.


You can find the full video on Youtube.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been a member of the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF). I attend their symposium (International Symposium on Forecasting; ISF) every year and always look forward to it. The standard of the presentations is high and it is always lovely to see my fellow researchers again. It is a very tight-knit community.


I was interviewed for their member profile section, in which I talk about my career, research and my connection to the IIF. You can find the article here.


I worked on an ING ‘Think Forward Initiative’ grant together with prof. dr. Dilek Önkal and dr. Wasim Ahmed. We looked into forecasting one’s own expenses and savings over the following months, and how this forecast would be influenced by presenting scenarios with varying degree of risk. You can find the webinar on Youtube.

Webinar: “Improving strategic decision making with big data”. This webinar was hosted by Solventure, a company of supply chain specialists. Visit their website.

You can find the full video on Youtube.

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